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BGD - Special issue

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Carbon cycling in Sub-Saharan AfricaEditor(s): R. Valentini, J. Canadell, and A. Bombelli

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Response of carbon fluxes to water relations in a savanna ecosystem in South Africa   
W. L. Kutsch, N. Hanan, R. J. Scholes, I. McHugh, W. Kubheka, H. Eckhardt, and C. Williams
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 2197-2235, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 3047 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 6 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  27 May 2008
Historical and simulated ecosystem carbon dynamics in Ghana: land use, management, and climate   
Z. Tan, L. L. Tieszen, E. Tachie-Obeng, S. Liu, and A. M. Dieye
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 2343-2368, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1555 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 3 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  02 Jun 2008
Evaluation of satellite based indices for primary production estimates in a sparse savanna in the Sudan   
M. Sjöström, J. Ardö, L. Eklundh, B. A. El-Tahir, H. A. M. El-Khidir, P. Pilesjö, and J. Seaquist
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 2985-3011, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 3309 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 4 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  29 Jul 2008
Disentangling the effects of climate and people on Sahel vegetation dynamics   
J. W. Seaquist, T. Hickler, L. Eklundh, J. Ardö, and B. W. Heumann
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 3045-3067, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1723 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 3 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  07 Aug 2008
Estimating carbon emissions from African wildfires   
V. Lehsten, K. J. Tansey, H. Balzter, K. Thonicke, A. Spessa, U. Weber, B. Smith, and A. Arneth
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 3091-3122, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 2778 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 6 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  08 Aug 2008
Drivers of interannual variability in Net Ecosystem Exchange in a semi-arid savanna ecosystem, South Africa   
S. Archibald, A. Kirton, M. van der Merwe, R. J. Scholes, C. A. Williams, and N. Hanan
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 3221-3266, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1320 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 8 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  22 Aug 2008
Variability and recent trends in the African carbon balance   
P. Ciais, S.-L. Piao, P. Cadule, P. Friedlingstein, and A. Chédin
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 3497-3532, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1488 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 3 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  02 Sep 2008
Annual and diurnal African biomass burning temporal dynamics   
G. Roberts, M. J. Wooster, and E. Lagoudakis
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 3623-3663, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1990 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 5 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  09 Sep 2008
African CO emissions between years 2000 and 2006 as estimated from MOPITT observations   
F. Chevallier, A. Fortems, P. Bousquet, I. Pison, S. Szopa, M. Devaux, and D. A. Hauglustaine
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 3845-3868, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 557 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 4 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  18 Sep 2008
The inter-annual variability of Africa's ecosystem productivity: a multi-model analysis   
U. Weber, M. Jung, M. Reichstein, C. Beer, M. Braakhekke, V. Lehsten, D. Ghent, J. Kaduk, N. Viovy, P. Ciais, N. Gobron, and C. Rödenbeck
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 4035-4069, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 4374 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 4 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  10 Oct 2008
Precipitation as driver of carbon fluxes in 11 African ecosystems   
L. Merbold, J. Ardö, A. Arneth, R. J. Scholes, Y. Nouvellon, A. de Grandcourt, S. Archibald, J. M. Bonnefond, N. Boulain, C. Bruemmer, N. Brueggemann, B. Cappelaere, E. Ceschia, H. A. M. El-Khidir, B. A. El-Tahir, U. Falk, J. Lloyd, L. Kergoat, V. Le Dantec, E. Mougin, M. Muchinda, M. M. Mukelabai, D. Ramier, O. Roupsard, F. Timouk, E. M. Veenendaal, and W. L. Kutsch
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 4071-4105, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 5639 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 4 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  27 Oct 2008
Soil carbon and plant diversity distribution at the farm level in the savannah region of Northern Togo (West Africa)   
M.-T. Sebastià, E. Marks, and R. M. Poch
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 4107-4127, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 511 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 3 Comments)   Publication in BG not foreseen

  28 Oct 2008
Anthropogenic CO2 emissions in Africa   
J. G. Canadell, M. R. Raupach, and R. A. Houghton
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 4395-4411, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1479 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 3 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  19 Nov 2008
Conservation of soil organic carbon, biodiversity and the provision of other ecosystem services along climatic gradients in West Africa   
E. Marks, G. K. S. Aflakpui, J. Nkem, R. M. Poch, M. Khouma, K. Kokou, R. Sagoe, and M.-T. Sebastià
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 4413-4452, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1366 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 3 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  26 Nov 2008
The African contribution to the global climate-carbon cycle feedback of the 21st century   
P. Friedlingstein, P. Cadule, S. L. Piao, P. Ciais, and S. Sitch
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 4847-4866, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 994 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 3 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  10 Dec 2008
Soil carbon stocks in ecoregions of Africa   
M. Henry, R. Valentini, and M. Bernoux
Biogeosciences Discuss., 6, 797-823, 2009
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 6616 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 4 Comments)   Publication in BG not foreseen

  13 Jan 2009
The Sub-Saharan Africa carbon balance, an overview   
A. Bombelli, M. Henry, S. Castaldi, S. Adu-Bredu, A. Arneth, A. de Grandcourt, E. Grieco, W. L. Kutsch, V. Lehsten, A. Rasile, M. Reichstein, K. Tansey, U. Weber, and R. Valentini
Biogeosciences Discuss., 6, 2085-2123, 2009
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1012 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 4 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  20 Feb 2009
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