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Peatlands and the carbon cycle – from local processes to global implicationsEditor(s): J. Limpens and G. Schaepman-Strub

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The seasonal cycle of the greenhouse gas balance of a continental tundra site in the Indigirka lowlands, NE Siberia   
M. K. van der Molen, J. C. van Huissteden, F. J. Parmentier, A. M. R. Petrescu, A. J. Dolman, T. C. Maximov, A. V. Kononov, S. V. Karsanaev, and D. A. Suzdalov
Biogeosciences Discuss., 4, 2329-2384, 2007
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 2550 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 4 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  17 Jul 2007
Wetland succession in a permafrost collapse: interactions between fire and thermokarst   
I. H. Myers-Smith, J. W. Harden, M. Wilmking, C. C. Fuller, A. D. McGuire, and F. S. Chapin III
Biogeosciences Discuss., 4, 4507-4538, 2007
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 7606 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 7 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  30 Nov 2007
Environmental controls of greenhouse gas release in a restoring peat bog in NW Germany   
S. Glatzel, I. Forbrich, C. Krüger, S. Lemke, and G. Gerold
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 213-242, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 991 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 4 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  16 Jan 2008
The significance of organic carbon and nutrient export from peatland-dominated landscapes subject to disturbance   
S. Waldron, H. Flowers, C. Arlaud, C. Bryant, and S. McFarlane
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 1139-1174, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1134 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 4 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  10 Mar 2008
Spatial and temporal variation of methane emissions in drained eutrophic peat agro-ecosystems: drainage ditches as emission hotspots   
A. P. Schrier-Uijl, E. M. Veenendaal, P. A. Leffelaar, J. C. van Huissteden, and F. Berendse
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 1237-1261, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 779 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 5 Comments)   Publication in BG not foreseen

  27 Mar 2008
Towards spatial assessment of carbon sequestration in peatlands: spectroscopy based estimation of fractional cover of three plant functional types   
G. Schaepman-Strub, J. Limpens, M. Menken, H. M. Bartholomeus, and M. E. Schaepman
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 1293-1317, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 826 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 4 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  01 Apr 2008
Fluxes and 13C isotopic composition of dissolved carbon and pathways of methanogenesis in a fen soil exposed to experimental drought   
K.-H. Knorr, B. Glaser, and C. Blodau
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 1319-1360, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 2753 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 4 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  02 Apr 2008
Peatlands and the carbon cycle: from local processes to global implications – a synthesis   
J. Limpens, F. Berendse, C. Blodau, J. G. Canadell, C. Freeman, J. Holden, N. Roulet, H. Rydin, and G. Schaepman-Strub
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 1379-1419, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 843 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 10 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  04 Apr 2008
McGill Wetland Model: evaluation of a peatland carbon simulator developed for global assessments   
F. St-Hilaire, J. Wu, N. T. Roulet, S. Frolking, P. M. Lafleur, E. R. Humphreys, and V. Arora
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 1689-1725, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1263 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 6 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  17 Apr 2008
Using MODIS derived fPAR with ground based flux tower measurements to derive the light use efficiency for two Canadian peatlands   
J. Connolly, N. T. Roulet, J. W. Seaquist, N. M. Holden, P. M. Lafleur, E. R. Humphreys, B. W. Heumann, and S. M. Ward
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 1765-1794, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 593 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 3 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  18 Apr 2008
The relevance of particulate organic carbon (POC) for carbon composition in the pore water of drained and rewetted fens of the "Donauried" (South-Germany)   
S. Fiedler, B. S. Höll, A. Freibauer, K. Stahr, M. Drösler, M. Schloter, and H. F. Jungkunst
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 2049-2073, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 857 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 3 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  15 May 2008
Meeting the challenge of mapping peatlands with remotely sensed data   
O. N. Krankina, D. Pflugmacher, M. Friedl, W. B. Cohen, P. Nelson, and A. Baccini
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 2075-2101, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 2009 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 3 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  16 May 2008
Methanotrophy potential versus methane supply by pore water diffusion in peatlands   
E. R. C. Hornibrook, H. L. Bowes, A. Culbert, and A. V. Gallego-Sala
Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 2607-2643, 2008
 Abstract   Discussion paper (PDF, 1921 KB)   Interactive discussion (closed, 8 Comments)   Final revised paper (BG)

  18 Jun 2008
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